Open Access

The Biological Journal of Armenia is committed to the principles of open access, ensuring that scientific research is freely available to the global community. We believe in the unrestricted dissemination of knowledge, which allows researchers, students, policymakers, and the general public to access and benefit from the latest advancements in biology.

As an open-access journal, all articles published in the Biological Journal of Armenia are freely accessible on our website. This accessibility eliminates barriers to knowledge and promotes the widespread sharing and utilization of scientific findings. Open access enhances collaboration and accelerates the pace of scientific discovery, ultimately fostering innovation and societal progress.

To support the open access model and cover the costs associated with the publication process, the Biological Journal of Armenia employs an Article Processing Charge (APC) system. The APC allows us to maintain the quality of our publications, sustain the journal's operations, and provide a platform for researchers to showcase their work without any access restrictions.

The APC covers various expenses, including peer review management, editorial processes, typesetting, language editing, online hosting, and indexing of articles. The fee ensures that published articles are freely available to readers worldwide, eliminating subscription fees and paywalls.

The Biological Journal of Armenia strives to keep the APCs affordable and competitive within the scholarly publishing landscape. Our aim is to make open-access publishing accessible to researchers from diverse backgrounds and institutions. Detailed information about the APCs, including the current charges and any available waivers or discounts, can be found below.

We understand that APCs may pose a financial burden for some authors, particularly those from low-income countries or institutions with limited funding. Therefore, we offer waivers or discounts on a case-by-case basis, considering the author's financial circumstances. Authors in need of financial assistance are encouraged to contact the journal's editorial office to discuss potential options.

We firmly believe that open-access publishing is a catalyst for advancing scientific knowledge and fostering collaboration. By embracing open-access principles and utilizing APCs responsibly, the Biological Journal of Armenia is dedicated to facilitating the global dissemination of biology research and contributing to the progress of the scientific community as a whole.

All articles published in BJOA are published in full open access. An article processing charge (APC) of 100,000 Armenian Drams (equivalent to 250 USD) applies to papers accepted after peer review.

Applying for an APC waiver
We recognize the importance of supporting researchers from diverse backgrounds, particularly those facing financial constraints. We believe that publication fees should not become a barrier to disseminating high-quality research. Therefore, we have established an Article Processing Charge (APC) waiver policy to assist authors who may be unable to cover the publication fees.

Our APC waiver policy takes into consideration the following criteria:

Financial Need: We consider authors' financial circumstances, particularly those from low-income countries or institutions with limited funding. Authors facing genuine financial hardship are eligible to request an APC waiver.

Geographical Diversity: We strive to promote geographical diversity in our publications and recognize that researchers from certain regions may face more significant financial challenges. Authors from low-income countries or regions with limited research funding are given special consideration.

Quality and Significance of Research: We evaluate the scientific quality and significance of the research presented in the manuscript. Manuscripts demonstrating outstanding research contributions and high potential for impact in the field may be eligible for an APC waiver, regardless of the authors' financial situation.

Authors who believe they are eligible for an APC waiver are encouraged to submit a formal request during the manuscript submission process or at any stage before the final decision is made. The request should include a brief explanation of the financial need, along with any supporting documentation or evidence.

All requests for APC waivers are treated with utmost confidentiality and are evaluated by the journal's editorial board. Decisions regarding APC waivers are made on a case-by-case basis, considering the available funds and the number of requests received. The journal aims to allocate a portion of its budget to support deserving authors in need of financial assistance.

It is important to note that APC waivers are not guaranteed for all requests. In cases where an APC waiver cannot be granted, authors may explore alternative funding sources or consider options for cost-sharing with their institutions or research sponsors.

Author fees or waiver status cannot influence editorial decision-making.