Editorial policy

BJOA is committed to upholding high editorial standards and ethical practices in scientific publishing. We adhere to the guidelines and best practices set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to ensure integrity, transparency, and fairness in our publication process. The following principles guide our editorial policies:

1. Compliance with COPE Guidelines: BJOA strictly follows the COPE guidelines to promote ethical publishing practices, including plagiarism prevention, handling of authorship disputes, and addressing research misconduct and ethical concerns.

2. Independence and Quality Assurance: BJOA maintains editorial independence and exercises rigorous quality control in the selection and publication of papers. Manuscripts are evaluated based on their scientific merit, originality, and adherence to the journal's scope and guidelines.

3. Freedom of Speech and Protection of Intellectual Property: BJOA respects the principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech. We strive to protect the intellectual property rights of authors and ensure that their work is appropriately attributed and cited.

4. Scientific Integrity and Transparency: BJOA encourages and supports scientific integrity, promoting honest and transparent reporting of research findings. We expect authors to provide accurate and complete information, use reliable methodologies, and avoid selective reporting or data manipulation.

5. Preference for Solid and Sound Research: BJOA gives preference to manuscripts that provide solid and sound contributions to the field of biology. We welcome original research articles and reviews that demonstrate robust methodologies, rigorous analysis, and novel findings.

6. Publication Guidelines and Requirements: BJOA provides clear guidelines and requirements to authors, informing them about the rules of publication, manuscript preparation, and submission procedures. These guidelines are available on our website to facilitate the submission and publication process.

7. Anonymity in the Peer Review Process: BJOA maintains the anonymity of the peer review process to ensure impartial and unbiased evaluations. The identities of authors and reviewers are kept confidential, promoting fairness and objectivity in the assessment of submitted manuscripts.

8. Conflict of Interest Resolution: BJOA has established mechanisms for resolving conflicts of interest. We take proactive steps to identify and manage potential conflicts, ensuring that they do not compromise the objectivity and integrity of the publication process.

10. Timely Corrections and Communication: BJOA promptly publishes corrections, clarifications, rebuttals, and apologies when necessary. We value open and transparent communication and strive to address any concerns or errors in a timely and responsible manner.

11. Tolerance in Communication: BJOA promotes a culture of tolerance and respectful communication. We encourage constructive discussions, diverse perspectives, and academic discourse while maintaining professionalism and respect for all stakeholders involved in the publication process.

By adhering to these editorial policies, BJOA aims to uphold the highest standards of scientific publishing, foster scientific integrity, and provide a platform for the dissemination of high-quality research in biosciences and related scientific disciplines.