Author Appeals

BJOA understands that authors may have concerns or disagreements regarding the editorial decision on their manuscript. To ensure a fair and transparent process, we have implemented an author appeal mechanism. If authors believe that a decision made on their manuscript is unjustified or if they have substantial grounds to challenge the decision, they have the right to appeal.
The author's appeal process follows these guidelines:
Submitting an Appeal: Authors must submit a formal appeal letter to the Editor-in-Chief, clearly stating the reasons for the appeal and providing any additional information or clarifications that may be relevant to the decision-making process. The appeal letter should be sent within a specified timeframe, typically within 14 days of receiving the decision.
Editorial Review: The Editor-in-Chief carefully reviews the appeal letter, along with the original manuscript, reviewer comments, and any other relevant documents. The aim is to assess the validity of the concerns raised by the authors and to ensure that the original decision was made in accordance with the journal's editorial policies and guidelines.
Additional Reviewers: In some cases, the Editor-in-Chief may seek input from additional reviewers who were not involved in the initial review process. This allows for an independent evaluation of the manuscript and provides a fresh perspective on the decision.
Reconsideration of Decision: Based on the appeal, the Editor-in-Chief may uphold the original decision, revise the decision, or in rare cases, reverse the decision. The authors are informed of the outcome of the appeal process, along with a detailed explanation of the decision reached.

 The author appeal process aims to provide authors with an opportunity to present their case and to ensure that all relevant factors are considered in the decision-making process. It is important to note that the appeal process focuses on the fairness and integrity of the editorial process and does not guarantee a change in the original decision.
We value open communication and strive to address authors' concerns in a professional and objective manner. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of transparency, fairness, and integrity in all aspects of our editorial process.