On acceptance and publication

Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the following steps will be undertaken:

1. Confirmation of Acceptance: The corresponding author is notified of the acceptance decision, typically accompanied by reviewer comments and suggestions for revisions, if applicable. Any required revisions should be addressed promptly and thoroughly.

2. Proofreading and Copy Editing: After the acceptance of the manuscript, it undergoes proofreading and copy editing process. Our editorial team ensures that the manuscript is in line with the journal's formatting and style guidelines. Authors may be asked to review and approve the final version of their manuscript before publication.

3. Publication Timeline: BJOA aims to publish articles promptly, following the acceptance decision. The publication timeline may vary depending on the journal's publication schedule, availability of space in a particular issue, and other factors. Authors will be informed about the expected publication date of their manuscript.

4. Online Publication: Once the manuscript is ready for publication, it is made available online on the BJOA website. Each published article is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to ensure permanent identification and citation.

5. Indexing and Abstracting: BJOA strives to ensure the broadest possible visibility and discoverability of published articles. The journal is indexed and abstracted in relevant databases, which may include scholarly databases, indexing services, and search engines (see Abstracting and Indexing). This helps to increase the reach and accessibility of the published research.

6. Open Access: BJOA supports open access publishing (see Open Access). Open access articles are freely available to the global scientific community, facilitating knowledge dissemination and fostering collaboration.

7. Digital Archiving: BJOA follows best practices in digital archiving to ensure the long-term preservation of published articles. This helps to maintain the accessibility and integrity of the research over time.

8. Author Rights and Licensing: BJOA respects the rights of authors. Upon acceptance, authors retain the copyright to their work. The specific licensing terms are determined by the chosen open access license, allowing others to use, share, and build upon the published research with proper attribution.

9. Post-Publication Updates: BJOA acknowledges the importance of post-publication updates, corrections, clarifications, and discussions. If necessary, authors may submit post-publication updates or corrections, which will be reviewed and considered for publication.